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ECO Group Pen

A brand new group

pen system built for

easy assembly and

economical shipping

Universal Hutch Adapters

Easy Assembly

Group Hutch and water trough sold separately

Galvanized Feed Pan Included

Assembled Pen Size:

18'6" wide x 16' long


•  Heavy duty durable construction

•  All hot dipped galvanized

•  Universal hutch adapters, can be used with any manufacturers group hutch

•  Very easy to set up, only 6 pins to assemble entire pen

•  Allows for easy, economical shipping on a common carrier

•  Includes four 8' side panels, built in water panel, slant bar front with galvanized

   feed pan, universal adapters and 6 connecting pins

For Pricing or More Information: Call Case at 806-930-9441