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Flex Hutch

For Pricing or More Information: Call Case at 806-930-9441


• Fits 2 or 3 calves with changeable inner panels

• Cleans and sanitizes easily, so you can put it back in service with zero downtime

• Simplifies daily chores such as bedding, feeding, watering and cleaning

• Place directly on ground or elevate on skids to optimize drainage

• Adjustable rear door allows single-motion ventilation control

• Unit includes 10-quart bucket, bottle holders

• 10 yr limited warranty


Each Flex-Hutch can house two or

three calves with inner panels that are easily adjusted for various setups. The sturdy plastic construction is easier

and less expensive to maintain than wooden hutches while lasting up to

four times as long, saving you time, money and headaches.

3 Unit Flex Hutch

2 Unit Flex Hutch