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Mounting Clamps for Headlocks
headlock clamps
Operator Handle for Hatfield Headlocks
Headlocks inside barn
Holsteins locked into Hatfield Headlocks

We have mounting hardware available for any application. All sizes of steel posts, wood posts, and I beams. Bottom rails can be mounted to the face of or in-between posts.

Control up to 400 feet of headlocks with one handle

Hatfield Headlocks in long row

From Cows to Calves

Holsteins to Jerseys

Count on HMI Headlocks

for a Quick, Positive Lock

and Safe Easy Release



• Extremely safe, simple operation

• Covered flaps to reduce snow and ice problems

• Heavy duty 2-3/8" bottom frame rail

• Automatic down-cow release

• All galvanized

• Easy to release individual animals

• Fast & easy to install

• In-line welds for added frame strength

• Run up to 400 feet with one control handle

• Frame mounted catch assures headlocks that are always properly adjusted

Headlocks with jersey cows locked in