Open Air Flex Pen

  • Ultra lightweight for easy setup and cleaning without jeopardizing durability
  • Single front and rear panels
  • Self-aligning panels use EZ-Glide connection tabs and Rods for easy and quick setup
  • Ultra bio-secure
  • Easy access to the rear panel - simply lift up the EZ-Glide rod and open rear panel
  • Integrated sliding side vents to comply with specific regional regulations
  • Individual penning used to maximize pens per room size
  • Individual pens interlock together for a clean line of calf spaces
  • Center panels can be removed to create a group penning option for as many calves as desired
  • High grade galvanized steel front panel with pails, pail rings and an area for bottle feeding
  • Plastic side panels available in a 5', 6', and 7' lengths to fit any size barn operation and allows for optimum calf space
  • Front and rear panels available in 36" or 48" widths
  • Modular freestanding penning means no post or install to floor (keep adding to it; no fasteners to install on floor)
  • Bi-swing front door
  • Slam latch keeps front gate secure
  • 10 year warranty — one of the best in the business

DryZone slatted flooring is the ultimate choice for high-quality plastic flooring for calf operations.

AGRI-8008 Floor Specifications: 8' L x 2' W x 1.625" H. Weight: 28 lbs.


Bi-swing Front Door


Latching System


Easy Rear Door Access


Agri-2444 - Universal Hanging Grain Feeder


Agri-7024 - Wire Bottle Holder


Agri-8013 - Chute Wire Bottle Holder


Stabilizing bar connects pens for group calf housing
Agri-7113 5' bar
Agri-7114 6' bar
Agri-7115 7' bar

Available in 3 sizes: 5', 6' or 7'
5' Panel Outside Dimensions: 72"L x 36"H x 45"W Weight: 134 lbs
6' Panel Outside Dimensions: 84"L x 36"H x 45"W Weight: 148 lbs
7' Panel Outside Dimensions: 96"L x 36"H x 45"W Weight: 156 lbs

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