Interchangeable detach, durable powder coat finish and optional telescoping sides are just a few of the features that put the HMI Bale Fork in a class of its own.


• Available attachment for all makes of loaders and telehandlers

• Extremely durable, heavy duty design

• 2-3/16” tines on bigger forks

• Forged tines on smaller forks

• Interchangeable detach

• Available with telescoping sides for moving taller stacks

• Durable powder coat finish


Optional Telescoping Uprights Available

Interchangeable Detach


Cornstalk Tines

Designed to go in place of standard 2 3/16" tines, with extra long taper to easily slide in and out of cornstalk bales

2 3/16" x 48" Round &

2 3/16" x 48" Tapered

39" Tapered and 49" Tapered Skid Steer


Bale Forks

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