HMI's Bedding Buster easily breaks up and circulates packed bedding keeping beds soft, clean and dry. Increased cow comfort and

lower somatic cell counts can be achieved

when used regularly.


• Rotating blades for breaking up packed bedding

• Eliminates wet bedding at the back of the bed

• Keeps bedding soft, dry and comfortable

• Ideal for sand and compost beds

• Very low profile design to fit under any type of freestall loop

• Heavy duty construction with powder coat finish

• Very low maintenance with few moving parts

• Easy to operate

• Available attachment for all makes of loaders, skid steers or 3 point hitch


• Zinc plated access covers and components

• Rotating teeth made from heavy duty AR plate for extended wear

• Innovative hydraulic valve design allows operator to control all machine

  functions from inside the cab using standard skid steer hydraulics and


• Heavy duty hydraulic driven motor

• High traction, non slip steps for easy entry and exit of cab


Available in two sizes: Standard (5 sets of teeth) & Compact (3 sets of teeth)

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Bed Buster