The most efficient, versatile calf rearing solution. This modified Group Hutch works perfectly for paired newborn calves. By pairing calves together, stress is reduced and improves their overall health and development. For newborn calves up to 14 weeks.


• Multi-position awning with optional weather cover

• Bi-swing doors and secure slam latch

• Removable interior center fence panel

• Truly opaque

• Swing-up rear door

• Rear grid guard

• One-piece construction

• Ridge and rear rotary ventilation

• Optional side door hay feeder

Shown with 2 optional bottle holders

Benefits of paired housing include reduced weaning distress, faster weight gain, promotion of solid feed intake, increased socialization, and minimized cross-suckling. In this new Buddy Hutch Calf-Rearing System, calves can be housed together or separate, based on the needs and preference of the producer. The center panel can be removed quickly and easily, and a multi-position awning system provides shade and protection from the elements. Also, an optional Weather Cover Extension telescopes out and covers the entire door opening for the ultimate weather protection.

Optional Add-On Accessories


• Side door hay feeder: Accessible from the exterior.

  Includes easy access side door cover.

• Bottle holder: For 2, 3, or 4 qt bottles

• Lift kit: Makes moving, cleaning and washing easy

• 1 Calf milk bar feeder: Holds 1 gallon

• 2 Calf milk bar feeder: Each compartment holds .66


• Weather cover extension: Attaches and telescopes

  out from awning. Provides extra protection from



Hutch Outside Dimensions: 90" L x 106" W x 79" H


Hutch Inside Dimensions: 81" L x 100" W x 75" H


Weight: 340 lbs





Buddy Hutch Calf-Rearing System