Focus on Five

Ventilation | Bedding | Temperature

Feeding | Management


Agri-Plastics calf hutches are designed around these five key areas. Let us show you why our hutches are used on some of the largest calf operations in the world

Agri-Plastics SL Rancher Calf Hutch

SL Rancher Hutch

More Standard Features = More Value

• Top sliding roof vent

• Rear vent

• 2 Pails

• Standard 3-in-1 rear door

• Pail manager with splash guard and pail stoppers

• Advanced design

• Completely opaque

• Molded from heavy gauge plastic, no need for a steel frame

• 10 year limited warranty

Deluxe EXL

Agri-Plastics deluxe EXL system
Agri-Plastics SSL Rancher System

Fence mount grain feeder

Hutch mount and fence mount bottle holders

Storm door for extreme

weather conditions

Weather cover protects feed

from the elements

Early starter bowl

Front plastic pipes

Built in leaning ledge for easy cleaning

Industry first, bottom air flow vents

Rear feed access

Adjustable grill vent

Adjustable top vent

Fence attachment hardware

Neck strap with

chain, tether pipe &


Pin Style Cable Latches available

NEW! Hutch Anchor Cable Latch

Measures 2 5/8″ x 4″ x 2 1/2″. Keeps calves and hutches secure during inclement weather. Quick attach/release latch means no more D-Pins. For all hutches.

NEW! Wire Type Bottle Holder

Easy to install, holds 2 or 3 quart bottles



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