HMI Calf Transport Trailers greatly reduce the amount of stress and labor associated

with moving calves.



• Lowers all the way to the ground for easy loading with the ability

  to elevate to load directly into a semi trailer

• Non-slip Rumber Plank flooring is extremely heavy duty and will

  not rot

• Bi-fold gate on the front for easy loading of individual calves

• Optional scale built in the front of the trailer to weigh individual

  animals as they are loaded

• Simple to operate Tru-test scale readout is rechargeable and

  requires no power from the tractor

• Heavy duty gates, rollers and hinges

• Simple to operate

• Heavy duty hydraulic system with minimal maintenance required

• Rear gate can swing all the way around flush against the trailer

  when open

• Durable powder coat finish

• Standard sizes: 6' inside width x 20', 24', 28' or 32' lengths


30' x 6'

Trailer sits on

ground for

easy loading

HMI Transport Trailers can be built to elevate for direct

loading of calves into semi-trailers


Elevating Trailers