Group pens help calves adjust to being in a group as they are weaned from individual pens. Calves can be moved from individual pens earlier with less stress. Smaller groups also allow each calf’s health to be monitored more closely.



• Skid frame for easy movement

• Side panels and front are all galvanized

• Galvanized feed trough reduces wasted feed

• Large pen size (12’ x 16’, accommodates up to 8 calves)

• Available with double side panels (makes pen 12' x 32')

• All corners simply pin together for fast disassembly when moving or cleaning

• Multiple pen configurations available

• Available with lockup or trainer fronts

Agri-Plastic Group Transition Pens lined up with cows

Hutch Adapter Instructions

Universal Hutch Adapters

fit any brand of hutch

Other available accessories:

Panel mount grain feeder

5' galvanized milk trough

Pens can be set up side-by-side, sharing side panels. Multiple configurations available.

27 gallon trough for singles

42" x 20" x 12"


60 gallon trough for doubles

52" x 31" x 14"

Headlock front with bottle feeding system now available.



XL Group Pens