2, 4 or 6 bale open lot straw spreaders. Our exclusive beater design allows for constant, even spreading. Ease of operation, serviceability and extremely heavy duty construction are paramount with this machine.


• Heavy channel sides

• Adjustable clevis hitch

• Heavy duty frame and tongue

• 10,000 lb. jack

• Solid, smooth floor

• Durable powder coat finish

• Diversion values on push rack

• Pull back tabs on floor chains

• Large bearing on OUTSIDE of housing for easy access

• Steel hydraulic lines to limit hoses

• Rear guard bar (keeps animals out of beater)

• O Ring & JIC hydraulic system - less leaks

• Easily accessible push rack flow control

• Replacement UHMW bearing block for push rack guide

• Self contained Beater Drive System

• Heavy duty floor chains

• Removable Beater housing

• Tire guard to protect hydraulic pump hose

• 1 year limited warranty



6 Bale Open Lot Straw Spreader

6 or 9 Bale Unit

2 Bale Unit

4 or 6 Bale Unit

Extremely Heavy Duty chains, sprockets and components


Bale Blaster Straw Spreader