Platinum Pro

Munters Platinum Pro, the Next Generation in Climate Control, provides poultry and livestock farmers with vastly expanded capabilities. Besides providing complete control over all aspects of house management (including climate control, feed & water management, and more), the Platinum Pro’s upgraded functionality extends this control to new levels. Platinum Pro’s upgraded functionality is suitable for any structure, from standard to mega houses. Platinum Pro accomplishes this by supporting management over multiple expansion units, allowing simple, centralized management over even the largest operation.

Platinum Touch

Featuring all the functionality of the current Platinum Controllers, the new screen provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that brings all the advantages of touch screens to your farm.

The Touch screen brings together mission critical data in one easy to read screen. Defining functions is done directly from a large screen designed for its ease of use. The sophisticated interface is intuitive, enabling a simplified set up. At the same time, the unit is built to work in the rigorous conditions found in barns. The Platinum Touch comes in two models: (up to) 50 relays and a smaller unit supporting (up to) 30 relays. All functionality, including the screen size, is the same in both models.

As an option, the Platinum Touch Panel Mount edition can be installed directly into an electrical cabinet. This capability reduces costs for farmers wanting to install their controllers in this manner. The Platinum Touch includes important hardware upgrades and improvements.


The Maximus-System is a centralized controller system that simplifies farming facility management. Whether your facilities are for poultry farming, hog farming or dairy farming, the Maximus-System will track the state of your infrastructure and automate tasks based on your criteria.

The Maximus-System is a modern tool. You can access it remotely from any device including: your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Such versatility and flexibility means less stress for you and better results for your farm.

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