The PolyDome Portable Milk Master is the economical way to mix and deliver milk and water to your calves.


• High-impact polyethylene tank

• Easy to clean and sanitize

• Large filler opening

• Calibrated volume indicators for U.S. gallons

• Drain valve on back of tank

• Heavy-duty, reinforced, drain hose for easy dispensing

• 6.5 hp 4-stroke Honda pump motor

• Three-way valve for mixing and circulation of milk

• Welded steel frame trailer

• Flotation tires and 1” bearing hubs

• Adjustable hitch

• Front swivel jack stand

• Sizes range from 70 gallon, 150 gallon, 300 gallon, twin 70 gallon

   and twin 150 gallon


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300 Gallons

150 Gallons

70 Gallons

Twin 150 Gallons

Rear drain spigots.

6.5 HP, 4-stroke, Honda pump motor

Three-way valve for mixing and circulating the milk

Truck Mounted


Portable Milk Master

Heavy-duty, 3/4" I.D. x 10 ft. hose with gas hose style dispensing valve.



Portable Milk Master Trailers